Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cria (baby alpaca) has eye infection

Eureka is at the front of the pack

Poor Eureka!  Her eye is finally getting better, though.  The vet was here last week and lanced the infection just below her right eye.  It has been draining and she has had to be on antibiotics, but she is finally better!  Thank heavens!!  She was our biggest baby last summer and her dam is the smallest breeding female on the farm.  So Eureka was delivered with a little help from the farmer and her neighbors mid-summer 2010.  She is a beautiful light fawn color(almost golden) and has always been healthy.  But maybe in burrowing her head down into the hay bucket, she must have gotten a little microscopic piece of hay in her lower eyelid.   Kids!!  Things happen sometimes no matter how hard we try to prevent them!!

Every one else is good this morning.  I think we will have three or four babies coming this summer.  Yahoo!!

In South America, the Incans used baby alpaca fleece(sheared like sheep) for only the Royalty.  No one but the King and his family were allowed to wear baby alpaca.

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